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Classifying Criminal Zionism

Criminal Zionism – where does it fit into the puzzle of elite criminality?

Key words: “Ban the Burqa or ban dickheads?” The Zionist Elite Question, Corporate Paedophilia, Propaganda and other Markers

by David L Visentin

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** The following caveat applies: **

Draft 0.2 – updated 22 January 2016 – a thought process in action/work in progress. Open source – need much help yet to tidy up this document. Lend a hand if you have time…


Obviously a topic of interest:


Chris Riden

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Haha Israel are apparently going to arrest anyone that posts content on Facebook that could be deemed anti-Israel, hmmm I’ll just leave this here wink emoticon…/258-video-israel-to-arrest-anyone…



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Wayne King

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Nevin Kenlon Unfortunately many conservatives like them…

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Barrie Lynes Israel FUCK OFF MURDERING CUNTS!!!!!

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Bob Hope I don`t think they`ve even begun the murdering yet, look at their new toys……/Israel-submarine-Dolphin-Germany-/ frown emoticon

PressTV-Israel gets 5th German nuke-capable sub


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David Gibbinson The problem is, which I see manifesting here also; is that a criticism of the Zionist agenda becomes intermingled with anti Jew sentiment and slurs aimed at the country. This is what illegitimises the anti Zionist debate. Any criticism can quickly be side stepped by play the racist or anti Semitic hate speech card.

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Juan Treviño Honestly, I have nothing against Jews. I have a lot of Jewish decedent friends that are anti-zionists. One of my mantras is Never Generalize. \m/

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David Gibbinson But as you can see with this comment thread as an example, the vast majority don’t seem to make that discernment.

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  • Main document prior to reading this document I recommend you have some understanding of this material: and understanding how and why Government’s engage in CHAOS tactics, this gives a very good insight, even if you do not agree with or find it difficult to accept all the logical conclusions that emerge:


Given we’re discussing criminal zionism which poses as “Jewish” I had better clarify a few things about the “jews” as I understand them to avoid being accused as anti-semitic.


To be sure, I’m defending the “Jews” and highlighting an important piece of “Chutzpah” which the wider community need to understand. This article, if read in context and understood, should help, empower and protect the average Jew, along with the wider community, as is my good faith motivation and intention.


Just for the record, my heritage is on my mother’s side Scottish and Irish. On my father’s side it is Italian. I will conduct a more thorough search on my father’s side to inquire if I have any Jewish heritage which at present I am unaware. For me personally it matters not whether you are of Jewish cultural heritage or of any other “religious faith” such as Catholic or Muslim. I was personally raised Catholic – attending Acquinas college, Southport for my secondary schooling.  I am happy to have anybody who has a – live and let live, tolerant of life and believer in peaceful popular democracy ie rule of law, free speech,  etc – attitude as my neighbour and I’d be happy to have an afternoon bbq with kind people from any background. I couldn’t care less what traditional or orthodox dress they showed up in. I’m all for people being proud of their heritage and traditional cultures. I think it is a privilege that a nation’s laws are such that they are tolerant of people celebrating their various traditions.


As such any of the following dress are entirely acceptable at my BBQ’s and in my society:


Orthodox Jews are welcome:


Orthodox Catholic Nuns are welcome:



Women of various Orthodoxies are welcome (note at least one, Megan Fox, is a actor):


Orthodox Jews are welcome:


Orthodox anyone coming in peace and goodwill, and tolerance towards others is welcome:


I’m even willing to tolerate people who wear the following ridiculous outfit living next door to me and welcome at my BBQ’s, looks like a bit of a tosser, and a tad violent towards animals for my liking, but no doubt good for a yarn:


Nazis, right-wing fascists, racists and hate-mongers, fear-mongers, war-mongers, shills, unethical journalists and prestitutes of any sort and dickheads in general are not welcome:

For security reasons, it’s now time to ban the dickheads, hatemongers and Islamophobes, and of course, Jacqui Lambie should be banned from the political scene and ideally, 1000 km from the defined borders of the nation! People of Tassie, please phone-photograph your ballot and post online/facebook – the criminal elite are clearly messing with your electoral system, if you needed any more than Lambie winning office, the more academic evidence is discussed here: And see the first half dozen or so latest links here: . If election fraud is happening in Canada you can ensure it is happening in Australia. Jacquie Lambie with her military background – truckdriver? More like disinfo cointelpro agent designed by corrupt elements of the corrupt ‘INTELLIGENCE’ to confuse, chutzpah and mess with the political process. Certainly fulfilling the definition of corruption I capture here:


Does anyone know if Jacqui Lambie has any Jewish heritage connected to Zionism, via blood, directorship, past partners, or connections of any type?


To be sure, YES!: Lambie is very dangerous: ; But she is not the only one. The more subtle people are even more dangerous, consider Tony Jones – who has far more influence than Lambie. I’ve address his warmongering shillness months ago:


Nice guy? Think again! Sold his soul out to the satanists and shilling for the criminal anglo-Zionist-US-Elite.

Tony Jones – honest journalist or minion of Mark Scott, himself a former-minion (or is he?) of Zionist media ‘magnate’ Rupert Murdoch himself a minion of the Zionist elite? And  Hermann Goering – Arian beauty or Zionist stooge masquerading as a Jew masquerading as a “German”?

Isn’t it ‘funny’ (or perhaps not so funny) how anywhere one finds dishonesty and underhanded conduct one also finds strong connection to the Zionist elite? It’s as if the two go hand in glove! Lending strong plausibility to the analysis here:


ABC, Tony Jones and ex-Murdoch but still fascist driven Mark Scott engaging in chutzpah and whipping up Islamophobia in order to create fear in the community which makes them more easier to control:


Before you read the next link the following context should be provided:—syria-victim-of-us-terrorism-aggression. Since then much further evidence has come to light showing that Syria is an innocent victim of criminal US-Zionist-Elite Aggression, mostly by the researchers at


Publically declaring President Bashar al-Assad a “butcher” based on fabricated setup evidence = contempt for rule of law = warmonger = unfit to be a “honourable” member of a supposedly “honest” democracy = kick the warmonger OUT! = Same for Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott = same old tactics they used on Saddam Hussein. Our political “elite” are immoral, lawless, have contempt for rule of law, are hypocritical and are assisting genocide of the middle east people.


See my analysis of Tony Jones and ABC Warmongering here (note how they bookend the story with Zionist-Elite agents without clearly stating that in the story:—you-sure-as-hell-won-t-detect-it


And as I stated mid 2015: Therefore, what is the key message all honest people should send to Tony Jones?

NO TONY JONES, what that particular paid corporate warmongering SHILL masquerading as an “independent UN official” is describing is a Serious Psy-op. Much like you! Stop engaging in warmongering and fear mongering, we get enough from Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda channels, we don’t want it from our national broadcaster, stop or resign! In fact, you simply need to go! No place for propaganda in a nation that needs honest transparent news – not stories deceptively bookended with known Zionist shills – pretty important information to disclose.


A comment by LKrauss on Q&A highlights the general fear-mongering shenanigans going on by our supposed “good-guys” in the media and politics:



Hermann Göring, democracy or dictatorship, does not matter, instill fear and you control them:


.@LKrauss1 quotes Hermann Göring about making people afraid. @AnneAzzaAly explains terrorism 101 #QandA


The exact quote from Goring being:

“Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

-Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg Trials


Continuing with my declaration on Jewish heritage, on my wife’s mother’s side (mother-in-law) my understanding is there is a Jewish heritage, her Grandmother was Jewish. That’s not so distant. Hence, if true, my children from my wifes side (and possibly mine yet) have a small yet distinct Jewish heritage.


I have never even bothered to ask or inquire when I was dating my wife of such “heritage” matters. They were for both of us irrelevant. I have since learned that, particularly for people of Jewish faith, this is a very important matter for people of Jewish identification. My understanding is that people of Judaic faith seek out and marry Jewish people.


That’s all by the by. The main reason for stating it is that I am in now way anti-semitic or anti-Jewish. I married a woman of Jewish heritage. Per my facebook posts of my wedding photo’s you’ll note she is far better looking than I am.


And likewise this image, note Natalie Portman is an attractive Jew.  And I’m particularly positive of Ms Portman’s remarks around the importance of historical accuracy on such matters as the holocaust. I’m for accuracy and truth in all aspects of society.


I’ll add more details over time. But any notion you have in your head that Jews are ugly or hideous is, I suspect,  a complete myth, propagated by evil people posing as Jews and wanting the wider community to consider Jews as hideous. It’s a false message for an nefarious and criminal purpose. I suspect it is to instill fear into the average person who identifies with being “jewish”. In this way, Judaism is being used in much the same way as Islam is being used.


  • Judaism is being used as a victim patsy, to provide “cover” for criminals to hide within and claim, falsely, that any peering into their criminality is “anti-semetic”.
  • Islam is bing used as a victim to provide “cover” for the criminals to hide their “terrorists” within, to blame somebody else – stain innocent Muslims – for terror being waged by criminal zionists. This is what Dave McGowan seemed to uncover in his research – see below.


You, the reader,  will need to put some time into reading my other letters and following the links provided and help me improve this or research this material and provide your own assessments or help refine and improve this research.


My belief is that unless we encourage the average citizen to  take up scholarship and adopt a strong reading program we the common people will not have any chance of achieving truth in our social systems and hence will not maintain our democracy. If that is too much for you and us as a nation, then I believe we all will end up enslaved by the criminal elite – this appears to already be well underway.


To some who are not well read outside the mainstream, such pronouncements may sounds beyond the pale and ludicrous. If you are one of those I simply put to you that you are not well read in the works of those authors I’ve collected here: . As such, you are ignorant to the dangers we as a community face against the anglo-zionist-elite.


So I say you should put in some effort and get across some of this material – as an insurance policy. For those of you who keep reading, it will all become clear and coherent. Given the mainstream sources are subverted, together we need to help each other define and consolidate a truthful accurate state of affairs – a accurate and truthful “world view”.


This document forms part of several which are my attempt to reframe and build a new worldview because the one sold to me by the subverted curriculum and education system intentionally provided me with a defective one. The worldview I have now is vastly different from the one I had 12 months ago. With an intense reading program within a month or two you could perhaps catch up and have a very similar world view.


My worldview is now grounded in deep skepticism of the institutions and governing structures around us. Once I stopped trusting the institutions as benevolent and considered them from a controlling distrustful perspective, the world started to make sense. I found I could fit things into very coherent structures. I could recognise patterns and also predict likely outcomes.


So it is very “enlightening” to have an accurate world view.


It won’t all be easy. In some letters I’ve got to show you what a bullet wound look like for example. So if someone comes along and shows you a photo of a child with a lipstick mark on their cheek or hand and says “please do as I say because this little child has been shot” you can look at them and say back “I’m happy to listen, but you’ve lost much credibility because what you’re showing me is false – why are you attempting to deceive me?”


And then you’ll be much better placed to consider their remarks – from a knowing position that they are potentially trying to sell you bogus information – then ask yourself “why?”.


All this has been stated elsewhere in my documents which you should read if you want to have an accurate world view of what’s going on.


As for the “Jewish” and “Zionist” labels and why lump it in with Pedophilia.


Because the evidence is the following:


  • Pedophilia seems to be something the criminal elite think they are “entitled” to as a proclivity of their “eliteness”. This was spelled out and provided in Dave McGowan’s pedophocracy – see;
  • See also:


Therefore, where we find pedophilia, we often find the hand of the elite. It is like a “marker” or “fingerprint” of an elite criminal. And given they tend to move in similar circles, hang out and invest in the same types of projects, it is therefore very worthwhile keeping a close eye on this ugly thing not only to stamp out pedophilia, but also to observe what the criminal elite may be up to – such as various genocidal projects or projects to impose tyranny upon the common people.


In this regard also consider the evidence suggests:


  • People who identify as being “Jewish” are showing up in all the top control positions within society. Therefore they need to be closely examined. And to be fair to people of “Jewish” faith, perhaps we are better off labelling these peoples as “elite” Jews or elite Zionists. And we should examine their links with criminal Zionism – remembering we are the “average of the company we keep”. If somebody hangs with those who engage in criminal genocidal war acts then they must in some way “endorse” that person. Any “moral” person would shun and exclude immoral people from their lives.
  • Hollywood is dominated by people who identify as Jewish and Zionist.
  • There is much pedophilia and corporate pedophilia being “pushed” and sold onto the general population. Hence these same Jewish / Zionist CEOs, directors and  controllers of what is being produced are responsible for this mass propagation of pedophilia – such as whoever produced the “Sia” and “Elastic Heart” pedophilia music videos.
  • These people who identify with being elite Jewish-Zionist seem to stick together and not allow other people from “outside” in. In this regard it appears to be a highly racist and “elitist” system – something inconsistent with multiculturalism and general good will / tolerance in democracy.


The evidence suggests there are several types of Jewish “mindset”, see table, note, probably other categories as well:


Persons of distant Jewish heritage or related to people of Jewish heritage and don’t care one way or the other about these sorts of things. Self Hating Jews – this is a label attached by the Zionists to anybody who is a Jew and is critical of Zionist practice. “Nice/benevolent Jews”

Practicing Jews who care about marrying and practicing their faith and believe in live and let live attitudes, are democratic and do not attempt to exclude people of other faiths from their business dealings or boards of directorship in various entities.

“Unethical Jews” or “Zionists”

These “Jews” are very strict in their faith and make very aggressive pronouncements of anyone not a Jew as being beneath them.
They also do not allow outsiders into their business dealings. Very exclusionary – ie Hollywood executive elite, the major News outlets – all seem to be controlled by “Jews-zionists” – why? How?

Very Unethical Psychopathic Deceptive Criminal-Zionists – waging war and assassinating people who challenge their hegemonic drive – evidence of the drive is here: < Rabbit Hole >
Myself (author)
Most of the population.
People like this: Ayelet Shaked


An Israeli parliamentarian tries to walk back on a shared post calling Palestinian kids “little snakes” and defining the Gaza crisis as “war.”

Ayelet Shaked

– See more at:


Note image below, attractive psychopathic Zionist. Pretty face, pleasing symmetry, shame about the underlying genetic psychopathy! We need to think about how we breed this type of thinking and personality type out of the human race and relegate it to the history books.


To keep things simple I’ll simply label people who don’t care about being Jewish as non-Jewish, as I suspect that is what they are considered by the Jewish community.


And then simply put Jews into one of five “classes”:


Ordinary benevolent Jews who practice Judaism and have a live and let live benevolence in their everyday practice. Ignorant/complicit Jews who do not call out evil being carried out under their name – those who support Israel for instance – do not call out the wrongdoing going on in Gaza.
In this regard in the same class as anybody else not calling out the wrong doing – most of the population I suspect.
Ethical Zionism – is this possible to believe in application of Zionism and be ethical? Unethical Zionists posing and masquerading as Jews

Or criminal zionists.
Given so much evidence points to Zionism being a hardline unethical system, fundamentally malevolent and criminal in nature, I’ll focus in on this.

Other classes not considered?


The evidence is that Zionism is a psychopathic, callous and amoral “religion”. I’m yet to fully research the matter so may change my mind, but the evidence indicates Zionism is a patently evil “agenda” carefully and with great effort deeply immersing and cloaking itself within Judaic religion. The average Jew has to start taking responsibility for this, calling it out and ridding it from their culture. At present it poses under the cloak of Judaism or perverts Judaism just as the rare “genuine” Islamic terrorist has perverted Islam as some justification for the terrorism. Ninety-nine percent of current Islamic-extremist terrorism is driven by a small cabal of elite using Islam as a patsy – quite well if you consider what the average person thinks of Islam – in order to achieve their own nefarious and evil agenda. It is the same as the Inquisitors had perverted Christianity. It’s an extensive deceptive game used in nearly every aspect of a subverted society. Consider the table below where I provide you with some “prompters” and use your own powers of observation to see if you can’t see past the headlines, behind the curtain and gain some insights into the evil little satanists pulling various levers to keep them living the life of Kings at the wider citizens expense.


So we have the following (note how tables simplify and make it easier to “see” patterns and hence “join the dots”? Tables are your intellectual friend. Use them!


Table 2:

Good benevolent people (these people should always ensure they have voted for the right people in parliament who will outlaw the group on the right asap).
These people pay attention and actively read, think and work to keep their democracy safe!
The “Mainstream” Silly People

Complicit in the Evil through ignorance and willful blindness, their eyes complicitly wide shut – open but refusing to join the dots!
Democracy probably invented by those in the right hand column because they worked out the best way to control populations was to hide behind the numbers.
These people go through life with their head shoved in their ass and are as evil as the psychopaths!

Evil people, Satanists, out to achieve their own nefarious and evil agenda will pose and cloak themselves in somebody elses “religion” in order to achieve their own controlling ends.
Jews/Judaism – today should be critical of their Zionist leaders attacking innocent Palestinians. The greater “Jewish” community to be going to great efforts to separate themselves from the ultra-nationalistic racism associated with Zionism. Just as my personal posts are highly negative towards the right wing UPF!
Can there be “good Zionists” or is any Zionism criminal and subversive to common people’s interests?
Jews with their Eyes wide shut Criminal-Zionists pose as “Jews” in order to achieve their evil ends.

A typical way the Zionists do this is set up controlled opposition like this:

I know it is a demonisation but it is a “controlled” demonisation in order to keep you well unaware of the true Cabal behind these events. It also smears “Jews” with “Zionism” and creates a very confusing mess which is impossible to decipher. That is the intention. The more confusion in your mind the better. To avoid all of this I suggest you simply maintain a strong moral compass and ensure that nobody associated with Zionism is elected to or funds the politicians that you vote for.
With posts defaming “Jews” (and associated with Zionism) and depicting false images of Jews which makes you think they are ugly and hideous (hence you never recognise them – as like any race, they have a bell-curve of beauty across their citizenry. So some are hideous as with any citizenry cross section. However the Zionists use it to create deception killing two birds with one stone:

  1. The nice Jews themselves feel victimised as if the world is out to get them, creating fear and anxiety – making them easy to control
  2. The wider community feel the Jews are evil, and hence are misdirected away from the Zionists and onto the innocent patsies.
Christians/Catholics – today should be speaking up and defending the Jews and Muslims and Palestinians. Christian’s with their eyes wide shut Crusaders and Inquisitors pose as “Christians” in order to achieve their evil ends.
Modern day evil Christians will like and post “Fuck Islam” and other ignorant demonizing messages
Muslim/Islam – should be speaking up about their oppression and handing out pamphlets that help educate their multicultural citizens. They should also try and make friends with as many racists as possible to disarm them through friendship! Muslim’s with their eyes wide shut – not enough Muslim’s helping defend their oppression Terrorists/ISIS pose as Islam in order to achieve their evil ends.
Nice people going about their everyday business and raising families but paying attention. People going about their everyday business and raising families but NOT paying attention nor caring about the plight of others and hence are complicit in the evil. Way too many in this basket! Psychopaths planning and scheming to always gain more control over others. They wish to enslave humanity.
Good Germans – spoke up and defended the Jews. Too many German’s turned a wilful blind eye. Nazi Germans who slaughtered Jews and Good Germans and Silly Germans.
Good Leaders – accountable to the people? Perhaps Ben Chifley is the only one I would hesitantly offer at this stage. Too many people never keep their leaders accountable and too many leaders allow themselves to be useful idiots. Evil Leaders: Adolf Hitler – An Austrian Zionists posing as a Austrian Jew posing as a German! Talk about an “Inception” exercise in trying to decipher all of this. Interesting that a Zionist led the German people (comprising a large component of Christian and Jewish faiths) to their own death and destruction don’t you think? I bet your old worldview never held this type of information in it did it? What’s the evidence you say? I say, you need to pull your finger out and take up scholarship and keep reading if you want to be free! You’ll also need 51% of your citizens doing the same:

Note who funded the Zionist Hitler in your reading! Might search Antony C Sutton or Carol Quigley – but see Hidden History which documents this well!
Here’s another you’d never had picked in your old decrepit and completely artificial “Wonderland” worldview. Again, thanks to the Miles Mathis team for showing us how to join these dots for us (well, they led us by the hand): *

Good Parliamentary Members (MP) or Congress politicians deserving of the title “honourable”.
People like Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott I’d class as among the very few decent and honourable politicians we have had in Australia.
Mean and Nasty politicians, complicit in undermining social harmony, perhaps being used by other elites (Zionist Cabal) for nefarious ends,  undeserving of the title “honourable”

  • Islamophobic Islamo-racist and hate monger Senator Jacqui Lambie here;
  • Hatemonger Pauline Hanson here
  • Warmongers John Howard,  Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten and
  • Most of Australian Politicians here

According to American researchers – most of US Congress here – I’ll leave that for the US scholars.

Good Australians – today should be taking up scholarship over watching cricket and speaking up and defending the minority classes.

As Australia tends to follow America we should be paying very close attention to what American authors are saying about the direction society is going.

Too many Australians are turning a wilful blind eye, complicit in the evil. Evil Australian’s who say “Fuck Islam” or are enamoured by the United Patriots Front – a modern-day Zionist funed nationalistic ultra-rightwing “Nazi” party.
Good Americans – See my real news list ( for many American scholars trying to warn their fellow Americans and the wider global community. Some of the best work being produced by American and Canadian authors as they can clearly see the patterns they are living through. Too many American’s are turning a wilful blind eye, complicit in the evil. Robber Barons and Industrialists

Rockerfellers (Zionists), Bush, Cheney, Neocons, Straussians

Read history – these people happily killed and shot fellow Americans (their employees and workers) demanding better working conditions.

Good Royals – what would they look like? Evil Royals – those aligned with the Zionists and small cabal to achieve their continued Royal existence on the backs of and at the expense of the masses.
Royals learned methods of distracting their subjects to war in order to control them: “Busy Giddy Minds with Foreign Quarrels” In other words, to distract the people from their discontents, lead the country off on a foreign crusade.
Good Financiers

Your local mortgage broker is probably a good financier if he/she is well read, pays attention, and takes his/her civid duties seriously.

Evil Financiers

Those who fund wars and are aligned with the Elite to achieve nefarious objectives.
Rothschild (also a Zionist), George Soros and Rockerfeller all here.

Good Film Makers dominated by “Jews” or is it “Zionists”? Research in progress here.
Point of the article and the title is this:
If “Jews” really are in control of Hollywood opposed to Zionists (which is what the evidence indicates) then the good and benevolent “Jews” should be putting in far more effort into ridding Hollywood of the very serious paedophilia currents which the evidence show is overwhelming.
By allowing a strong contingent of “Jews” to led Hollywood, which is what the sold story indicates, then at present this represents a serious stain to all Jews everywhere. All Jews and all parents who have children of Jewish heritage, as I do, should be outraged and making the necessary noise to get this investigated and ridded. At present, I believe the evidence indicates not “Jews” but unethical “Zionists” control Hollywood and it is these individuals who allow the paedophilia to run rife. As such, Jews should call out the Zionists as that, Zionists, and separate Zionism from what I consider at present to be a sound and benevolent religious practice which is allowing itself to be smeared and subverted via unethical Zionists. This is something the Jewish community needs to reflect on and address as it allows the Zionists to market demonisation of the Jews and thereby create anti-semitic sentiments within the wider community. Failing to address this matter properly leads to greater anti-semitism and thereby casts a shadow over all ordinary and decent Jewish people. Not being in the Jewish community my influence is limited. This should be taken up by Rabbis and senior Jewish leaders.
Criminal-Zionist Propaganda Film Makers and Pedophile Pushers


Good Marketers Zionists controlled PR/Marketers masquerading as Good Marketers

Edward Bernays

Good Police Bed Secret Police scheming/complicit and involved in False Flag Operations or secret death squads

Good Military People / ANZACS Bad Military People and Bad ANACS masquerading as good Military People

Those who scheme and are involved in false flag operations against their own citizens and contrary to the principles of the constitution.

Good economists trying to help the people

Steve Keen

Michael Hudson

John Quiggin

Sharon Beder

Joseph Stigler
But increasingly the entire discipline of economics looks like a complete fabrication to deceive the public to the elites hand: ttp://

Evil economists masquerading as good economists

Karl Marx with special thanks to the Miles Mathis Team.

Good Scientists trying to do good science for the people Evil scientists masquerading as good scientists
Good Historians and Researchers trying to get you the truth so you can have good historical grounding in how the world works Evil historians sold to you as good historians attempting to sell you lies and deception so you have no idea how the world works – creating a false worldview for you.
Good Organisations doing good science and building good things for you Evil Organisations masquerading as good organisations deceiving you in all sorts of ways in order to blind you to truth and create a false word view
ie. NASA Moon Hoax – see Dave McGowan Wag the Moondoggie.


Do you see the pattern that blind freddy would see? Or does it all appear random and confusing?




Put the seeming random pieces together and a clear picture emerges. Investigation leads to forming a more ‘accurate’ picture of reality, one emerges, if they are being brave and honest, from the rabbit hole to see events as they really are.


Your job as democratic citizen, is in your own time and at no remuneration, continue to build tables like above and populate it with honest information so you can see how the world really works. With a more accurate worldview you’ll be best placed to do what is right, honourable and move your society in a direction which will provide for safe democratic rule (when we eventually get there).


Here is another which may help you:  << >> and << ( >> and << elite zionism >>


Given ordinary people go about their lives, work, raise children and then indulge in rest and relaxation (R & R) they don’t have time to scheme and take over the world or even wish to control others. This is not the case with those in the right-most side of the above table. Being evil, they will do anything to achieve their ends.


The evidence indicates there is a criminal-cable that is well underway in this agenda.


That evidence abounds and is best captured in comprehensive formats by the following two authors:



The evidence indicates that a small criminal-cabal of criminal (anglo-Zionists, Royalists and Super Wealthy Oil Barons – Rockerfellers/Rothschilds)  have gotten together and in cahoots with one another, are doing exactly this – a disguised hyper-radical program to transform human society from gregarious friendly people into what is ultimately full-spectrum-dominated and oppressed slaves – but under a mental condition known as neo-liberalism which in truth is a fascist regime best described as neo-tyranny. In order to propery understand “fascism” one would need to read the McGowan paper ( ) . They are attempting to control all the worlds resources and it’s people via a highly oppressive psychological indoctrination that the populace are deceived into considering as “normal”. To understand the why behind the system, it’s moral driver (or immoral driver depending upon how you define “morality”) is best described by McMurtry (  ) using the twin-tower terrorist act as a case study to the motivation. The criminal-elite are happy to kill and murder not tens but hundreds of millions in order to achieve their tyrannical end. In this way, criminal zionism is but part of the puzzle, but an important part given Rockerfeller (and the more hidden Rothschilds) are involved.


To properly understand where “zionism” fits into the picture will take more research, but this paper collects evidence for the “zionist” aspects of the various control mechanisms deceptively being implemented (or subversions) upon the people mentally (psychological indoctrination) and physically (via legal rules such as the corporatist fascist trade deals – TPP/TTIP/NAFTA etc).


So when collecting evidence it helps to separate out the evidence into “baskets”. That’s why you have a sock draw. It makes life easier and your brain can engage in simpler pattern recognising skills – rather than discern all the different types of clothing, your brain has a much simpler task of identifying just the colour of the socks one desires to wear for the day.


So too, because we are quite limited in our ability to pattern recognise, we’ll sort out the various psychopaths into classes. In order not to smear a religion or group of people unfairly, I’ve separated Zionism and Jewish into two distinct classes. And will have to separate criminal-zionism (probably atheist/secular in nature masquerading as religious), zionism and Judaism (vanilla “Jewishness”) into separate classes in order to properly and fairly identify the criminality and not blame any innocent people (ordinary people of Judaic faith – ie ordinary “Jews”) for the criminality and evil of a tiny few.


Because there is so much evidence of Zionism (criminal-zionism) is a hardline doctrine (as evidenced by genocide being waged against and general oppressive treatment of Palestinians) it would not be fair to even use the word “Jew” with Zionism. I’ll assume, absent further research,  as a premise for now, that (criminal) Zionists are a psychopathic group who are merely cloaking themselves in Judaism in order to help achieve their ends.


In this way, many Jews are actually subverted because all Jews should be calling for Zionism and it’s methods and motives to be ridded from their culture or as a distinct hard-line entity (perhaps many are – further research needed here). Perhaps people of Judaic faith should outlaw it entirely just as Germans should have outlawed Nazism as soon as it raised it’s ugly head.


There are many aspects of this elite cabal as I have shown you in the table above and as you must research yourself in your own time. As a democratic citizen you have no right to expect it to be delivered to you in a nice digestible package and told “this is the truth, go forth and believe”. That’s slave mentality. I respectfully suggest to the reader to put in the necessary effort to get across the mechanations of the criminal cable (including criminal zionism) by doing the necessary research or contributing to documents such as this in your own time – which you should put effort into making time for.


Basically to help improve you own worldview and then share it. I hope these notes help you.


The Jewish Question


I’m conducting ongoing research here based on a wide range of readings. My general ideas formed from the readings are that unethical evil people use various religions as pasty’s to achieve their evil ends – mass control of humanity.  That control agenda is succinctly summed up by Richard K Moore, which I’m currently in the process of reviewing and highlighting here:; a critical excerpt is:


[Radical transformation]

This has been an extensive and somewhat detailed prognosis, regarding the architecture of the post-capitalist regime, and the transition process required to bring it about. The term ‘new world order’ is too weak a term to characterize the radical nature of the social transformation anticipated in this prognosis. A more apt characterization would be a ‘quantum leap in the domestication of the human species’. Micromanaged lives and microprogrammed beliefs and thoughts. A once wild primate species transformed into something resembling more a bee or ant culture. Needless to say, regular use of selected psychotropic drugs would be mandated, so that people could cope emotionally with such a sterile, inhuman environment.

For such a profound transformation to be possible, it is easy to see that a very great shock is required, on the scale of collapse and social chaos, and possibly on the scale of a nuclear exchange. There needs to be an implicit mandate to ‘do whatever is necessary to get society running again’. The shock needs to leave people in a condition of total helplessness comparable to the survivors in the bombed-out rubble of Germany and Japan after World War 2. Nothing less will do.


I will update this research over time. In the meantime you are welcome to review and take a copy of the documents I will be reading and reviewing over the coming months:


Richard K Moores recommended list:

My collection of Zionist articles presented here (note I expect like everything else, there will be much misdirection and propaganda deception in all of this, and hence a wide range of sources needs to be consulted to discern the truth): << Zionism Folder>>



Notes to add into above

Hard-line notes of “friendship”


What’s the point of having “friends” who are fools? Don’t read, scholar themselves to “reality”?


Previous stated comments – is this too harsh?


If you want to ignore my warnings and carefully filtered collection of intellectual articles (  for you it means we cannot be friends unless you show me evidence that you have your own robust and carefully filtered collection of articles. In which case, if you know what I know, as any citizen remotely concerned with civic duty, you’d be posting your collection of information online and asking me to either “wake up” or participate in spreading the truth!


So, where is your collection and how carefully have you filtered it?


Why such a stern approach? Because if you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem. As Martin Luther King said, silence is complicity! If you are standing back unconcerned with the evil going on around you then as far as I’m concerned, you are complicit in and hence too are part of the evil agenda. And accordingly, we cannot be friends.


So wake up, our friendship depends upon it!


From a moral perspective should we be “friends” with people who, despite the warnings, choose to ignore the evidence or put their heads back in the sand? Should we start to separate out into the “morally benevolent” and the “morally ignorant ~ complicitly evil”? Should we start to take this approach in order to create the proper incentives (disincentives) to motivate people onto higher planes of morality?



I preached for forty three years in the Presbyterian Church before retiring. If anyone would ever refer to me as a Liberation Theologian, I would be pleased. I started blogging several years ago to express my political and religious concern for justice, especially justice for the Palestinians.


Palestinian Lives Matter

As I consider the violations of human rights and all that Israel does to dishonor and humiliate their Palestinian neighbors, I think it would be a shorter list to try to come up with what Israel has not done.  Israel has not built gas chambers, has not used Palestinian bodies for medical experiments, or rounded up young Palestinian girls to be sex slaves.   That is to be commended.  But when compared with its record of human rights abuse, it is hard to overlook so many similarities with Nazi-like practices in which Israel engages in seeking a “final solution” to its “Palestinian problem.”  It’s not that Zionist Israel is totally similar to Nazi Germany. It’s that Israel is not un-similar enough in its Nazi-like tactics.  “Death to Arabs,” expresses the mood of the day and it has been for a long time.


In writing of the founding of Israel as a state, historian Arnold J. Toynbee declared:

The treatment of the Palestinian Arabs in 1947 (and 1948) was as morally indefensible as the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis…Though not comparable in quantity to the crimes of the Nazis, it was comparable in quality.[i]


Chris Hedges summarizes how it is today:


Israel’s goal is to make life a living hell for all Palestinians, ethnically cleansing as many as it can and subduing those who remain. The peace process is a sham. It has led to Israel’s seizure of more than half the land on the West Bank, including the aquifers, and the herding of Palestinians into squalid ghettos or Bantustans while turning Palestinian land and homes over to Jewish settlers. Israel is expanding settlements, especially in East Jerusalem. Racial laws, once championed by the right-wing demagogue Mier Kahane, openly discriminate against Israeli Arabs and Palestinians.[ii]


A report by Action on Armed Violence found that Israel killed and injured more civilians with explosive weapons in 2014 than any other country in the world.[iii]


When Palestinians cry out to the world, “our lives matter,” they are not just asking that they be allowed to live, but that they be given the same dignity and security that any life deserves.  Try putting yourself in their place:


We as Palestinians are daily humiliated by the Israeli forces; our human rights are violated daily; our homes are demolished daily by bulldozers manufactured in the United States; our olive trees are uprooted on a daily basis; our land is confiscated and turned over into illegal settlements daily; our young people languish in Israeli jails with no charges or due process for months on end; our teenagers are taken from their beds in the middle of the night and imprisoned by the Israeli army on an average two by night; and the Israeli government continues its violations of international law while the nations of the world remain silent.[iv]


It’s not just that Israel, up-roots trees by the thousands, destroys homes, schools and wells,  Israel has a record of horrible treatment of children.


Children in the West Bank:


— Face arrest without warning, military courts, and physical violence at the hands of the Israeli forces.  According to Defense of Children International Palestine, 500 to 700 children each year are arrested and come into contact with the Israeli military system in the West Bank.


— Over half of the arrests take place during raids on homes in the middle of the night. Children are routinely blindfolded and have reported being beaten, insulted, and threatened with rape.


— A 2013 UNICEF report concluded that, ”the ill-treatment of children who come in contact with the military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalized.[v]


The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs asks:


Do you know what American taxpayer money to Israelsupports? Among other things, it funds the IDF’s  detention of thousands of Palestinian children — 8,000 since 2000 — who are pulled from their beds in the middle of the night, often beaten, denied access to their parents, food or a lawyer, and held without charge.[vi]


What will it take for us, the United States, to wake up and acknowledge the fact that, “Children’s lives matter,” even if they are Palestinians?  Yet, the US stands alone as the only country in the world to oppose a resolution by the United Nations Human Rights Council calling forIsrael to be accountable for war crimes.


Someone is going to say, “Oh come on. Comparing Zionist Israel to Nazi Germany is a bit over the top.”   And I will say, “Make you case.  I have made mine,” except to point out that the world went to war to stop Nazi Germany. On the other hand, Israel it still at it, and the world, especially the US, looks the other way as Zionism’s brutality rages on.


Thomas Are

August 1, 2015


[i] Naim Ateek, Justice and Only Justice, (Orbis Press, Maryknoll, New York, 1989) p.32

[ii] Chris Hedges, Why I Support the BDS Movement against Israel.Published by Truthdig, July 27, 2015.

[iii] Chris Hedges. Truthdig, 2015

[iv] Ateek’s Moral Universe., Mondoweiss,  July 7, 2015,

[v] Ylenia Gostoli,  Teen’s Death Highlights Israel Abuse of West Bank Youth.,  Al Jezeera,  July 6, 2015

[vi] These disturbing details were noted at a June 2 congregational briefing that featured Tariq Abu Khdeir, a 16-year-old American teen beaten by Israeli police last summer. While he is now free, hundreds of children who don’t enjoy the privileges of American citizenship remain in Israeli prisons.  Reported in The Washington Report on Middle EastAffairs,  August, 2015.



World War 4 – The Anglo-Zionist War over your mind and the one that keeps you in your pen waiting for the cancer coming





Can you see who the Elites soldiers are? Are these people your enemies? Listen to the videos and work out the bully and oppression tactics employed. How many of you do that sort of thing? Would you like these sort of tactics used against you? Consider the good old days when we had read “liberal” politicians who stood up for Aussies. I put to you that today, if you bother the look, that the evidence suggest that all the politicians, on both sides of the fake ideological spectrum, are Elitist-Banker-Zionist-Ango-Pawns. How dishonest is Jon Faine? Is this mass public deception? Should mass deception to the public be considered a criminal offence?  Wake up Australians!


Jon Faine – zionist infowar on your mind soldier-stooge and installed-media-minion of the elite. Thou shalt not think impure thoughts like inquiring into forensic analysis of deep-state events or investigate the infiltration of the Elite-Banking-Zionists



When Politicians stood for Australians: Malcolm Fraser





Giving us insights into the final War – the one for your mind:


All backup copies of these videos are here:  <War is War 2>


Can you join the dots?


Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?

Anthony Lawson


Add to




624 32

Uploaded on Mar 22, 2011

Until YouTube gets it Google+ act together, no comments may be posted.


Please Note: Rudolf Höss was not tried at Nuremberg, which may be implied in this video. He testified as a defence witness for Ernst Kaltenbrunner. Höss was subsequently tried and hanged in Poland. (Please see the updated version with the same title + “Updated and Revised” on Vimeo.)


Suppressing free and open discussion on any subject is as bad as telling lies, and knowingly suppressing the truth is the biggest lie of all, because it is based, not on a mistake or a genuine error, but on a deliberate intention to deceive.


Having been tortured, Rudolf Höss, who was the commander of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943, almost certainly lied to save the lives of his wife and children. Even if torture and duress cannot be proven, the overwhelming reason for recognizing the utter falsity of the Höss confession is that the gassing method he described was not scientifically plausible.


Yet Höss’s conviction has stood, by inference, as a testament to the cruelty of Germans in general, since he gave his torture-induced testimony at Nuremberg, and was later tried, in Poland and subsequently hanged there on April 16th, 1947.


With great respect for those who have tried—though harassed, punished, fined, imprisoned and otherwise abused—to tell it like it really was: Arthur R. Butz, Robert Faurisson, Paul Grubach, Gerd Honsik, David Irving, Kevin Käther, Nicholas Kollerstrom, Fred Leuchter, Horst Mahler, Ingrid Rimland, Germar Rudolf, Bradley Smith, Sylvia Stolz, Fredrick Töbin, Ernst Zündel and many others.


General References:……………


Rudolf Hössöss.html


Charles F. Wennerstrum…


Robert Faurisson: Höss torture.


Transfer Agreement Book…


Japanese internment…


Palestine Mandate


Agreement to bring America into WWI



At Basle I founded the Jewish state…


Claim: Auschwitz II-Birkenau, more than 20,000 people could be gassed and cremated each day.…


Cremation specialists disagree…


Stephen F Pinter: No gas chambers in German camps…


“Not one case of death by poison gas was found.”…….


Interesting video: Israeli Minister “We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust” 14 August, 2002 Shulamit Aloni…


Consider also:




<< >> Particularly << >> section. Are you on the right side of humanity?


<< >>


<< 1>>


<< >>


<< a safer democracy in 30 seconds >>


<< : >>


<< The Zionist Question and Corporate Paedophilia  * >>


< >> and the Russell Brand deception

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This is not a Strawberry: Professor John McMurtry’s Immoral Decoding of 21st Century Terrorism & Understanding Rising Electricity Prices

This is not a Strawberry: Professor John McMurtry’s Immoral Decoding of 21st Century Terrorism & Understanding Rising Electricity Prices

Draft 0.1 ~ Open source document, updated 20 January 2016.  By David L Visentin, ** caveat **.

<Download full PDF>


Title and Introduction

The title is a combination play on “reverse projection” (“RP”) as defined by Professor John McMurtry and the youtube video by Anthony Lawson “This is an Orange”. A twig to note that not everything is as it seems and not to believe everything you are told by those who have made their way into seeming unassailable positions of authority and telling you to believe certain things. To always use your rational mind. To always be validating.


This RP is crucial to understanding McMurtry’s crucial paper, presented below, which in turn is crucial not simply for truly understanding the modern terrorism sweeping the world, the nature of the tool, why the terrorists use this tool and to what fundamental end objective the tools guides the public, but also for understanding so much more about why energy prices are increasing, the trade deals underway without your (Mr or Mrs Voter) having any real say and fundamentally “why” the world is seemingly confusing, chaotic, difficult and frightening.


This paper provides a “moral” or fundamental driving force explanation. The “moral” being generic but to common people’s understanding, an “immoral” drive once properly understood (or at least as I understand definitions of morality). McMurtry provides plenty of context and clarification, but initially I found this very confusing, associating morals with benevolence. I have, for when my children read this, added some common person correction by rephrasing to “immorality” in places.


I consider McMurtry’s explanation primarily addressing the “why” this things are happening. McMurtry addresses the “what” question less so. He probably does so in other papers which I am yet to study. Another author, Dave McGowan provides a very thorough understanding of the “what’s going on” in another document I look at and comment upon here. I recommend both. For both I suggest you read the pdf or google docs documents which have the footnotes complete and are necessary to consult to get the most from the author’s thinking. Which one you read first does not matter, both are important for understanding the world and your children’s future within it. Given you are on this page, you may as well continue and return to the McGowan paper later.


In order to get the most out of the McMurtry thesis (and the McGowan thesis if you choose to read it for that matter) you will need to put in some effort. At least, for me to comprehend it, took some significant effort. With the checking of footnotes and highlighting, adding my own clarifying statements/comments, it has taken me over a week to read parts one and two, and I have been putting in a solid hour to two or more a day – which is about all a busy working adult can find in their standard days. I suspect there’s been a solid 15 hours of reading and thinking time put in, perhaps more.  Was it worth it? Without doubt this paper is one of a handful that clinch a firm understanding and deep comprehension of the modern world.


McMurtry’s paper is what real social education is all about. Mr Emerson, my former history teacher, or Mr Lennan, my former economics teacher, or Professor Douglas McTaggart, my former economics lecturer, never taught this type of material or this type of thinking. And it is this type of information and thinking which allows one to grasp the subtle aspects of their social ecosystem and then predict social outcomes. That prediction capability helps one prepare for modern social life and to take advantage of it, even if others care not to. Every adult and every student should be provided this material and asked, as part of their civic duty, to study it. There has been no formal (or informal) education to date which I consider more important than McMurtry’s paper and the teachings it posses than what he has generously and courageously provided below. I shall seek out and look forward to further enlightenment by what this important historical figure has to say.


Everything else I may have posted or written about here or there seems, with a few notable exceptions, like child’s play, a mere superficiality of reportage compared to the deep structural theme Professor McMurtry exposes, digs out and illuminates for the patient to grasp. Unfortunately a person needs to have a powerful grasp of the english language, grammar construction and indeed memory to follow McMurtry. To some this is a plus but to many a barrier. This is disappointing in some respects and from a “moral” philosophy context could be I suspect, in a mild way, be constructed as unethical. As a person funded by the state – academics derive funding from Government grants typically – and hence taxes paid by and large the common person, one would think, I think, there is a moral duty to ensure that the key ideas and themes are readily accessible to the “average” over-worked lay-person. McMurtry I feel writes for fellow intellectuals – those used to and well versed in reading academic type papers and intellectual sentence/grammar construction.


For me this was a difficult and slow read. I must have reached for the online dictionary twenty or more times while reading this paper. That’s about 18 two many for my liking. And the grammar construction is not straightforward too often. And many of McMurtry’s other powerful ideas which would undoubtedly support this thesis are behind paywalled academic articles and commercial books. They should, like the Franklin Stove, be readily accessible – the people after all have already paid for these powerful and important ideas via his academic grants and career –  which need to be widespread in the interests of true and genuine “public national security”.


For all that, Professor McMurtry has provided the key ideas of his work, enough of them, to sound the key alert which all sound thinking people who care about themselves, their future, their children and their neighbours, should carefully and diligently study and pay attention to, and then of course act upon.


McMurtry exposes the ideas with a clarity – an intellectual and at times difficult to grasp clarity – but a clarity nonetheless, that few, to date have. And in fairness to McMurtry, we must keep in mind the vastness, the subtleties and stealth at which the themes he seeks to uncover hide and shield behind all manner of secrecy and deception.


McMurtry has exposed these ideas at some significant risk to his career. At some significant beratement and smearing from the powerful mainstream media. At some risk to his personal safety.  In this way McMurtry is one of the few brave souls of the academic world. One of the true heros of the people. Many of them will not know it for McMurty is not mainstream. Although he should be. McMurtry, should the human race move past the 21st century attempts of those who attempt to stifle its progress, will be lauded I suspect and hope, with the likes of Socrates and the other great, genuine, thinkers of the human race. If he is not, the human race has let itself down. The common average person, has let themselves down. They will have let their children down.


In this regard the criticisms earlier pale into insignificance.


In this regard the common people of the world owe McMurtry an enormous debt of gratitude. We owe him a purchase of his book at the earliest opportunity.


Even if one needs to read the thesis several times – until one gets it, this is the moral duty each person who considers herself a good parent and a person of civic responsibility owes their nation. If ever there was a call for “ask not what your country can do for you…” then this is it. Read and digest this powerful thesis in order to do something for your nation – empower your mind to a deeper and more genuine frame of reality, which, if properly understood, will then compel the “ordinary and decent” person onto action.


I have added some clarifying remarks and simplified the document – excerpting significant parts of part 2 which were not so relevant. In time I will revisit this decision and put them back in to complete the document. This work started out as a personal endeavour and due to the extensive commentary and collation of links, often searching extensively on the internet in in, and in part I have shared this document for the benefit of others and in the hope it saves them time or provides additional insights. No man or woman is an Island. We can all learn from one another. I hope I have made a small incremental addition to this work. I have intended and hope that my remarks will clarify and enhance your reading. I have provided original links and recommend a full reading of the documents at a later stage. I hope you’ll find my remarks helpful, I hope my remarks make the paper easier to read and reduce your visits to a dictionary or lessen the number of times you have to read a particular sentence. This is my faithful intention. More importantly, and this I hope will be a sentiment shared by all who read it, is that the insights within this document are extremely important for social progress and are in our collective vital national interest and national security.


For reasons which will become apparent as you read the document, they will not be distributed by the mainstream corporate media. As such, and in the interests of national security, they will need to be distributed by the common people.


As such, I call on you to assist in a national security initiative, add your own wording if you care to and as you see fit without being unfaithful to McMurtry’s work, and that you pass either this on or McMurtry’s original article on to all your social networks.


In this way the community looks after each other by bypassing a defect where the mainstream media is failing. A defect which needs to be remedied at the first available opportunity and with utmost urgency.


I have also looked up many references and provided the url links, for easy reference. I also have a folder which a collection of documents backed up in pdf format. <here>.


Social intelligent creatures are supposed to provide early warnings to each other via world of mouth and their various communication tools – speech, writing, visual. They should be amenable and open to sane and rational ideas and new possibilities of thinking. They should have faith in their intellect to separate fact from fiction, truth from lies, honesty from deception, authenticity from contrivance. They should look out for one another. McMurtry has done his part. It is now up to you to do yours and put in the effort to properly comprehending this important social warning and forwarding it on.


Several Ideas prior to reading McMurtry’s thesis

Below are several ideas to keep in mind while reading McMurtry’s thesis, along with my earlier advice: always be validating.


Note below image is an alleged official photo of the twin towers massively steel reinforced building collapsing  – we are told this this is a result of a “pancake” collapse due to being hit by a light framed aluminum aircraft – resulting in the fire, weakening and then sudden structural failure of one floor upon the other. Note also how the image as provided (and if true) seems to convey that steel reinforced concrete turns to ejected high velocity dust upon impact from one concrete floor compressing down upon another.


One of the Twin Towers during construction – note the amount of steel reinforcing. Does steel “explode” as a result of compressive force?


An Idea on Virtual Reality

Consider the following possibility, excerpted from :


An Early Theorist of Simulation:

Daniel Boorstin

The first social critic writing nonfiction who understood the way contemporary culture uses simulations and false appearances may have been Daniel Boorstin.


He claimed that America was living in an “age of contrivance,” in which illusions and fabrications had become a dominant force in society. Public life, he said, was filled with “pseudo-events” — staged and scripted events that were a kind of counterfeit version of actual happenings. Just as there were now counterfeit events, so, he said, there were also counterfeit people – celebrities – whose identities were being staged and scripted, to create illusions that often had no relationship to any underlying reality. Even the tourism industry, which had once offered adventure seekers a passport to reality, now insulated travelers from the places they were visiting, and, instead, provided “artificial products,” in which “picturesque natives fashion(ed) papier-mâché images of themselves,” for tourists who expected to see scenes out of the movies.

Boorstin’s criticism came from the political right. It is in a long tradition of works that warn against the vulgarization of high culture by mass society. In addition, his metaphor was blatantly mccarthyite in inspiration. America, according to Boorstin, was threatened by “the menace of unreality,” which was infiltrating society, and replacing the authentic with the contrived.

As a result, he believed, America was losing contact, not merely with reality, but with the ideals that had given the nation strength throughout its history. In the age of contrivance, American ideals were being replaced by superficial images. [src]


Consider a cool illusion

Consider this illusion of reality – a hollywood film effect:


Youtube videos come and go often, so if this link is missing simply search “Iron Man Vs Hulk Fight Scene Age of Ultron” or similar.


The key point to ask yourself is: does this hollywood illusion make me more believe that a group of creative visual effects professionals can produce stunning visual and creative effects




does it make me more believe that a lightweight airframe (the shell housing of “Iron Man”) can bring down an entire steel frame building in a pancake type collapse and that, the illusion as depicted, is realistic to what a pancake collapse would look like in real life?


Further, given few of us will ever see a steel-framed building collapse in real life, how might you validate such a visual claim to what would actually occur in reality? What types of resources to validate reality would you consult? If any?

Colour Key/scale employed throughout the reading of McMurtry’s thesis:

Most bolding/underlining is my own.

Yellow highlighting is for ideas/aspects I consider important.

Green highlighting is very important ideas or crucial remarks (in my opinion).

Key Persons of Interest or Acts (legislation) is highlighted in purple.

Cyan highlighting is where I have added clarifying remarks and they are also placed in [square braces]. You can ignore them if you wish although hopefully they enhance the understanding.


Finally, before getting into McMurtry’s paper I offer you a definition to keep in mind:




  1. 1.
  2. dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.
  3. “the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places”
  1. synonyms:


Professor John McMurtry

The Moral Decoding of 9-11: Beyond the U.S. Criminal State, The Grand Plan for a New World Order

Part I

<Download PDF of McMurtry’s thesis with commentary>

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Elite Censorship – Valuable Resource Found

Elite Censorship – Valuable New Resource Found


Mainstream Media (MSM) censorship and self-censorship are appalling realities in the Western Democracies, political systems that have been described as Murdochracies by outstanding expatriate Australian journalist John Pilger  because of the domination of Western media, public perceptions  and politics by the Murdoch News empire.

For details of media-derived  censorship  by the global Murdoch media empire, Australian Fairfax media, the Australian ABC, the UK BBC,  and the Australian universities-backed web magazine The Conversation in Neocon American- and Zionist Imperialist-perverted and subverted Murdochracy, Lobbyocracy and Corporatocracy Australia and elsewhere in the West see: see “Boycott Murd

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Dave McGowan’s F-Word overlaid with another theme

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Top Ten

Top ten

<< >>

If I had to reduce my advice down to only ten things the average person needed in order to discern the difference between the real world and false worlds, to understand and come to know the real world, it would be the following ten links. That is to say, reading these authors essays, should unlock any prejudices you presently have that are blinding you to the way the world really works. With your mind unlocked of its prejudices, it will then take on the ability to perceive the true state of events and allow you to make better informed decisions on how to operate in the world consistent with other values and principles you hold.

You could think of the following article list as a combination. Each one on their own will not unlock your mind to reality. But all of them, more or less, in the order listed, I believe should get you there. You need not believe everything they are telling you. What is important is that you read each sentence and each paragraph in each article without skimming. Do it in some quiet calm time. If you never have quiet calm time you should change your lifestyle to make some. Take your time. Ensure you make it through to the end without skipping or missing the authors ideas. Try and concentrate and focus on the ideas, hold the ideas in your mind as best you can. Have a pad and pen handy and take some notes as you go. Refer to those notes. Try and study each article.

Such a task, for any ordinary working person, would I suspect be quite an effort. All I can say is the truth is not easy to discern at first, but once you get past all these articles, it will always be easy to spot. Like anything else worth having, it takes effort. The reward will be worth it.

My path was a little different, although I had a rather fortunate benefit most of you do not: time. I had time to read an enormous amount of information. As a postgraduate law student and having studied and passed over 50 university level subjects in my time, I developed shortcuts to acquiring knowledge and moving through articles quickly. I learnt how to take good notes and connect the dots. So there is probably not much point in giving you my path to reality. Although it is online if you wish to read it. Below is a minimum effort pathway to reality. These authors, I feel, perhaps better than any other, will lead you by the hand, in well written and straight-forward english, onto the path of enlightenment. They will show you that the yellow brick road you are on, is not only the only path, but more likely, the least desirable. That is, you will be far more happier knowing that there are multiplel paths to your destination.

As with turning the combinations of a safe lock, I hope each article will be the combination to unlocking a higher state of consciousness and to perceiving reality. It is quite a breath of fresh air. If nothing else, I hope you perceive a version of reality far far more accurately than you do in your present state.

My suggested combination pattern to discerning truth is:

  1. Premise: How you perceive the world is not as they are; Evidence: Escaping the Matrix by RKM. Or via audio file
  2. Premise: How the rich get rich is to plan to be rich; Evidence:
  3. Premise: What you have been told about the history of the world is not as they are, and without knowing the history, you are powerless to understand the present; Evidence: NWO by RKM  
  4. Premise: Suppression of scientific analysis (essentially formal truth) does occur. Evidence:
  5. Premise: Virtual worlds can seem real; Evidence, choice of articles: or; Ken Sanes site is an important resource for those interested in both truth and lies. After reading the rest of the articles in this series, I suggest you navigate and read as much as you can on his website.
  6. Premise: Psychology is an interesting field, of which the the most powerful force in the world, the US Military, has placed a great deal of interest. Evidence: Dave McGowan – Graduate in honours degree in psychology – gives you some important insights in chapter 30: (just read chapter 30 for now)
  7. Premise: A Depression can be made, it is no accident. Evidence:
  8. Premise: Governments will lie to you in order to achieve objectives; Evidence:; Tate/CHAOS by Miles Mathis
  9. Premise: Sometimes these lies and deceptions will be amazingly fantastic, due to the power of creating and crafting illusions; While reading this article keep in mind the question “Even if you are not able to accept Dave McGowans conclusions, do you accept his methodology for discerning the truth?” And if you accept Mr McGowan’s conclusions, you might keep in your mind, “what else would the elite governors lie about and to what end?” Evidence:
  10. Premise: Keep an eye on the Israeli elite and their various infiltrations into your media, political institutions and other institutions which control your lense to the world and overall thinking to the larger world. You might ask, who are they in cahoots with? Evidence:; {optional extra: }

A final question: What fall back mechanisms would you use to discern the truth if everything you previously knew was mostly false? Would safety in numbers protect you? This is my advice as a fallback position in 30 seconds:

How do you decide if this evidence is true? Do you think you are qualified to reason through the following table in order to come out on the other side with an accurate perspective? And what will happen if you fail?

An irrational creature reaction to: A rational creature reaction to:
Event: “anything you are told” Event: “anything you are told”
Process and decide if true/untrue Process and decide if true/untrue
Do you just accept it? Or do you attempt some type of cross validation?

If the information is being sent through at an “overwhelming” rate, do you simply let it pass through or do you slow it down?

Outcome: Outcome:

If after doing your own readings you feel you have a better list of articles to discovering the way the world works, please collect it up and publish it online and share it with the world!

All the above authors have websites. I suggest you commence with their latest work and attempt to read as much as possible. Good luck!


David Visentin writes, blogs and shares all his ideas and learnings based on his present quarter century as a functioning adult, here: My general outlook on life and morals can perhaps best be explained by a rather quickly put together response to a friend who thinks pursuing the truth is to be found on a child’s smile. I wasn’t impressed for the reasons stated ( and to be sure, I love my children which I’m sure all of you do too (or will do if you ever decide to have any). There can be no higher form of adult love than being prepared to sacrifice themselves and ultimately their life for another person, be they adult or child. Therefore sacrificing time away from children in order to protect them is not a negative. It is a higher form of love – denying oneself gratification for the benefit of another. A form of love which will sacrifice self-gratification of spending time with the child in lieu for spending the time working out ways to protect the child’s long term safety and well-being. A major part of this and consistent with the links provided, is to absolutely ensure that no elite is pulling the strings of the nation’s collective mind.

If it meant that I had to go to war and never see my children again, I would do it if I thought it would allow them to have a safe life. I’m pretty sure the average Soldier and ANZAC would agree with that sentiment. Why else do we go to war if not to protect our families? Surely not so another person can live the life of a King and acquire great wealth on the lives of others, using deception and lies to send them to war? Surely people would see through such deceptions would they not? Would any of us really go and risk our life so another man or woman can life the life of Riley?

I’ll let you answer that as you see fit.

In terms of why I seek the truth and write and why you too should seek out the truth and write is so we, as a community, can always know the truth together, particularly as with respect to being misled into foreign quarrels. Remember Shakespeare’s warning from his play:

William Shakespeare was aware of it. In King Henry the Fourth, the king, on his deathbed, advises his son Prince Harry how to deal with their political enemies after succeeding to the throne. The dying king says:

I … had a purpose now

To lead out many to the Holy Land,

Lest rest and lying still might make them look

Too near unto my state. Therefore, my Harry,

Be it thy course to busy giddy minds

With foreign quarrels….[1]

In other words, to distract the people from their discontents, lead the country off on a foreign crusade. [src]

Have common people gotten any smarter at being misled into foreign quarrels to serve ruthless Kings? My well-researched answer is No! But you should read the above links and make your own judgement.

I put to you as self-evident, that the best way to protect ourselves is to always make a concerted effort, a genuine concerted effort to know the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth. And in doing so we will come to know the hand that seeks to drive us into battle to die not for our families but merely for their wealth. As history shows is the case and as the links I provide you above show is the case.

Therefore, would you rather spend time away from your family in some far away land with the risk of dying in a mud pit? Or would you like to put in a bit of effort now, in the comfort of your own home, where you can get up from your office or bedroom or wherever it is that you read, think and write, and go to your child or children and to check on them and give them a hug, a cuddle and tell them you love them?

As parents know, most children do not appreciate being bothered. Children soon bury themselves in their own worlds. Mine are never far off an ipad or laptop, playing games and watching movies. If you set yourself up well, you can read not far from your children. And if in a partnership you can both lay in bed together read and discussing various articles. Start with the ten I’ve provided. And then move on from there.

Is that not a more constructive socially responsible quality-time together then liking another distant friends photo on facebook? Or posting more photos of your pets? Priorities for your nation and your self interest. I’d avoid falling into the digital narcistic pond which is facebook. For me, it’s only real value is distributing social commentary all citizens should be aware.

As for sharing photos with friends, in the little spare time I do get, I’d rather just have the BBQ with a few real friends. I prefer to live a real life rather than virtual friendships created via the blue and white medium called facebook.

As an aside I have concerns and take time out of my schedule to read stories and teach them as much as I can. I am concerned the entire younger generation is too easily mesmerised by “virtual worlds” and that even less so than the average person today, will be too easily deceived by virtual worlds, per the advice of the authors in the links. Something for all parents to be mindful of as we raise our children.

That is the choice. Made individually, affecting nationally. The links above will show we have let ourselves down with a large number of distractions. The internet and being connected provides us with a unique opportunity in history to share ideas. And I thank each of the authors above and the invention of the internet for allowing the knowledge to disseminate to the people. But just as the invention of the Gutenberg press, and wide dissemination of Voltaire and Gramanski did not protect the common people from manipulations of the elite, so too, the internet will not, by itself, protect the common people.

The common people need to use their common sense. This is the great challenge. To look past immediate gratification, to put away the games and distractions, and to spend the time wisely. Or else it will not be good for all of us!

So work on your truth research at home and maintain an active vigilance upon those within your nation who seek to freeload on the coattails of your efforts and the other citizens who put the requisite time into knowing the truth. Those seeking and researching the truth are the true patriots attempting to keep their societies free and safe for all; Or do you wish to allow the free-loaders to grow to a majority? By becoming one of them! And when too many don’t know truth from fiction what happens? What results? The authors warn us! Will you take the time to listen?

They warn that the nation loses it’s truth compass, and falls victim to the hands,  that history has repeatedly shown, will attempt to rule the minds of lesser men (and women) that terrible costs are imposed on the common people.

Men and Women of Australia and the world, are you lesser minded people? If you don’t read and think and write and share your ideas, how will you ever know?

Sign up to google or or other and use your intellect to work out how to use the simple publishing tools to contribute and support the common peoples truth movement. State clearly where you stand so we can discern numbers who are making a sincere effort. Without evidence of your moral position on truth and other important matters, it’s fair to say you risk being labelled a free-loader. Get active blogging. Show us who you are!

I say once again, good luck, and do your bit in helping keep the nation safe: read, think, write and scholarship the common people to safety. No lazy free-loaders allowed!



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Vaccines – the people need to take a closer look

17 January 2016 Update: See also:


I don’t remember seeing the for and against arguments provided to us in the last 30 years, do you? Rather it’s been an overwhelming message, in effect, “if you don’t accept vaccines you’re a public enemy no.1” and I had bought that message hook line and sinker. In a older facebook session years ago I responded to one of my friends remarks on vaccines being dangerous with something like the following “whilst I think we should always keep an eye on what the large companies are doing, given controversies and what not, vaccines may have some risks, but just as breathing air involves metabolic reactions which creates free radicals which will, eventually, overwhelm the body, most people will tolerate the long term costs for the short term benefits. So too, vaccines can best be thought of as having long term costs, perhaps even shortening ones life, but that the improved chances of survival in the child are probably worth it”. I’m pretty sure the original was better and if I find it I’ll post it. In any event, I never paid much attention to what the big companies did. It wasn’t until my rude awakening – see previous posts/my blog – that I realised that the evidence shows we’re being played for by fools by big companies and the ruthless elite. I’m in the process of researching vaccines and whilst I think they do have the potential to do great benefit, without the necessary oversight of strong civilian committees, elected by popular vote and not subject to political subversion, influence, or any big business/elite corruption, sponsorship or influence, I am now highly dubious on any claims or to date “research” on vaccine programs in their current non-validated by civilian committee form. The problem is as it is with all these matters, our ability to discern the truth is extremely difficult. There seems to be a war on truth depriving the public of the most important thing they need in a democracy – honest accurate information. As for Government coercion programs that withhold payments to parents who do not vaccine children – that is arrogant, illiberal and anti-freedom. Not surprisingly mandated (without mandate mind you) by everybody’s favourite right-wing fascist pro-corporate corporate sponsored ill-“liberal” government (not that everbody’s favourite anti-“labor” party would be any better, only sold more subtly as a benefit to the people): that is forced drugging, pure and simple. How dare we the people sanction such tyranny without being 100% sure on this matter. With a grubby deceitful corrupt corporatised media and with our ABC headed now by an ex-Murdoch subversive and with strong evidence of subversion in science (Dr Brian Martin – and serious warnings by those most of us will never both to read in full or in part (…/disse…/documents/AIDS/Pascal91.html) we should not be imposing such tyranny upon one another absent the PROOF! We’re really living in the age of Huxley’s epsilon beings once we accept that without so much as a peep. I’m not sure what my position is on vaccines. I want to do the best thing for my child. I now have seen enough evidence not to trust big pharma. Until “we the people” pull our finger out and take control of our democracy, revise our constitution and get the necessary oversight committees in place to plug the gaps whereby the corrupt elite are engaging in conduct that, without getting into details I’ve amply published elsewhere, can best be described as trauma based shenanigans to coerce and control the public, I’m very dubious of any pro-vac-pro-buy-this-by-force-medicine. As I saw in a slogan – that has Jesus slapping his forehead and saying something like “of course, thanks for plugging the gap, I never thought to give human’s an immune system” as some nuff nuff in a white lab coat mixes in mercury with some other ingredient. Accordingly I’m happy to be the first sharer of the below article and hope I’m not the only one. I suggest you onshare, read the above two links, but then do much more than just like and share: you ensure that you do whatever you can in order to see to it that “we the people” are properly and appropriately represented and empowered (which means being supplied with honest information) on this issue and all the other vital democratic issues.

“Dr. Offit says vaccines are safe and effective.

Dr. Haley says they are not.



The Vaccine Controversy, The Movie; a film by Richard P. Milner, Public Affairs Media, Inc. This virtual debate presents two opposing views of the safety and efficacy of vaccines. The film is a pil…
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Greatest Show on the Road

31 December 2015 Leave a comment
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